What my mom might not know…

Jade Williford

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother”-

Moms are some of the most wonderful gifts to this Earth, but they are often taken for granted.

People say “mother knows best” and at the age of 19 this statement has yet to be proven wrong-however, I think there are some things my mom doesn’t know. So this for my mama, and all the other moms, about the things you might not know.

You might not know… that to the world you are “just a mother”, but to me you are the world.

You might not know…In the story of my life you have most of the main roles- my best friend, my hero, the advice-giver, etc. God knew what He was doing when He cast you as the leading lady.

You might not know…you make me brave. When it’s the middle of the week, and…

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