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Coming out can feel totally unimaginable. Until, one day, it doesn’t anymore.

Sometime last summer, I was chatting with my aunt about my grandmother’s abusive marriage. My aunt once asked her mother why, when her husband was bullying the family, she didn’t just pack up and leave. My grandmother explained that she considered it, that she tried to imagine it, but “it just didn’t feel like an option.”

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The Day After the Verdict, Round 2: Yup, Still a Joke

I am highly disappointed. I see why the UN has peaked interest in this matter. One cannot help but wonder if this is an ad hoc operation to “keep the fire burning” on racism.

my name is elizabeth

Maybe this time, I thought before yesterday’s grand jury decision was announced.

Because Daniel Pantoleo, the police officer who choked Eric Garner to death on July 17, has a history of alleged race-related misconduct.

Maybe this time.

Because the NYPD forbids its members from using chokeholds — a rule that went into effect 21 years ago, long before Pantoleo was ever a cop.

Maybe this time.

Because the New York City medical coroner ruled Garner’s death a homicide.

Maybe this time.

Because the entire incident was filmed.  Because you can see in the tape, as the New York Times stated, that Garner was “not acting belligerently, posed no risk of flight, brandished no weapon and was heavily outnumbered.”  Because you can hear him say “I can’t breathe” 11 times before he dies.  Eleven.  Times.

Maybe this time.

But then the news broke.

As I tried to make sense of the decision…

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Pardon My Manners!

It would be nice to get away with things occasionally, you know sometimes you just wanna be excused without getting a reminder of what you intentionally left out. I sometimes do it. I’ll interrupt a conversation without an “excuse me” I try to get my point across, and move on. Some people may more than likely judge me right off the bat with my actions, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered.

I wouldn’t be at peace knowing I’ve disregarded protocol and manners just because I felt like it; I mean  the practise of etiquettes manners are part of our culture for good reasons, the fact that I don’t feel like it doesn’t make it non existent.

which is why I have to acknowledge my friend who I’ve known for quite a long time, who has accepted me as a young writer to be her blogging contributor. yay! thanks *Purple Diva*

So last week, This same friend posted  on her social media walls; her need of a contributor for her blog I immediately notified her of my interest here’s why; a few months back I made an attempt to start a blog myself,  but the ideas on what to write didn’t come as easily as I thought it would however, I held on to the idea privately in my head hoping that one day my skills will be put to use, and now here I am Blogging!

I  offered to take on this role knowing fully well I’ll have to be committed to the task and also  to  myself. It takes discipline to achieve all that it just doesn’t land on you or happen overnight. You have to work at it even when you don’t feel like it. Hold yourself accountable. Think of who you will be letting down and whose life you may change and influence if you keep at it.

Seeing things as just plain and simple is  a ‘cop out’ our actions have effects in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. It is honorary to be able to see that and act based on that understanding. As much as we love to say, “life is easy” to an extent that is true but we know ‘there’s more to that, that meets the eye’ in the statement.

Do not casually do things, let it have meaning. If your heart’s not in it then what does it profit a man?

Getting It Done.

So it’s 7:21 am here, but am still rolling lazily on my bed knowing fully well that I have some tasks to complete. e.g am a business major in school I have about four business reports due this month and final exams that are just around the corner. Its not that I don’t care if I don’t pass; I really do,but I seem to be driving on ‘E’ at this point.

As much as I want to be done with these tasks my attitude towards it does not support it, and I am finding it difficult to trust myself. So here, and now I have decided to hold myself accountable for my actions. I have released the weight holding me back and pulling me away from the challenge at hand by making this public. Now I have an obligation that every one knows about. I feel like sharing this will motivate me to get serious about the projects and really get in to it before the due date.

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